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“Buy Me a Pie!”, our groundbreaking app, caters to both Android and iOS users, representing the epitome of streamlined grocery shopping. Designed with a clear and modern aesthetic, it fulfills the highest expectations of users seeking an efficient and intuitive shopping list application.

We’re changing the way you manage your groceries, making forgotten items and last-minute requests a thing of the past. Harness the potential of your smartphone or tablet as an effective grocery list manager, eliminating the need for traditional paper lists. Benefit from the optimized formatting for various screen sizes, making the most out of your device’s display for managing your grocery lists.

But the “Buy Me a Pie!” experience goes beyond individual use. We’ve incorporated an innovative synchronization feature that allows for shared account access. This means you, your family, or friends can add or modify items on your lists on the go, from any location and device.

Our application is more than just a tool; it’s a solution, designed to make your shopping experience not just easier, but enjoyable too. And we can’t wait for you to share this transformative experience with others. Experience the future of grocery shopping with “Buy Me a Pie!”.

I will admit to having some less than convenient shopping list related incidents. I’ve lost my list. I’ve forgotten key items like toilet paper. I’ve had my list completely mangled by a baby. (My baby. Not a stray.) You know, all the same stuff that’s happened to you too. But now I have a new obsession—the Buy Me a Pie app. I’m pretty minimalist when it comes to apps, so believe me when I tell you that this shopping list app is a must-have.

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3m people are already using shopping-list creator Buy Me a Pie on other platforms, so its Android debut should pick up a few more fans. It lets you create and share shopping lists with friends and family members, synchronising the details between people and devices.

the Guardian

Similar to the iPhone version, the Android offering comes in two flavours: a free Buy Me A Pie! app that shuns the cloud synchronisation which lets shopping lists be shared across devices (and family members), and a paid-for version that, along with cloud support, offers additional features such as multiple shopping lists, and list sharing via SMS, email and with other apps.


The Buy Me A Pie! shopping list management app that has been available for iOS devices since June last year is now finally available on Android.

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